Below is a small collection of my photography. Included are also pictures I took while operating tours. I often focus on my clients being one with their environment, rather than posing for the camera. Think engagement photography, but for travel, not weddings.


I look forward to making your local tour of Japan a memorable one. After the tour is complete, you will receive your photos by a website link, USB or CD*. Whatever is convenient for you. Feel free to share your travel photography with friends and family.**





Get personal service in the Japanese way


Miko is always happy to oblige to the desires of her travelers whenever possible, using the Japanese codes of Kikubari (気配り) and Omotenashi (お持て成し).



is the Japanese way of expecting what the customer needs or desires before the customer makes a request. By closely reading the  atmosphere, Japanese service attempts to provide for the customer by estimating what he or she needs. Miko will frequently ask if you need something, and will come prepared for any expected inconveniences to always make sure you are comfortable.



is the way the Japanese provide hospitality.  It is the spirit of making one's guest feel welcome, and yet not boasting of one's generosity. In Japan, phrases like, "Here is something I bought for you. I'm sorry it's so boring," or "I'm sorry my house is a mess," when it is in fact tidy, are common. Miko expresses Omotenashi by always making sure her travelers are comfortable and happy, making sure this trip is all about you.


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*extra charges for shipping will occur for USB and CD options.

**Although the customer is the owner of the  photography given after the tour is complete, please credit Miko Tours when sharing your pictures online. As the photographer, Miko Tours still owns the right to use said pictures for its own purposes, unless specifically requested to be kept private.


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